A Level


A Level

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At Merit Tutors, we have extensive professional experience in ensuring your child is fully ready for their GCSE exams. Our tutors take the time to understand your child’s needs and adapt their teaching style accordingly, which will benefit your child and enhance their academic development.
We understand how important GCSE exams are, and what students require in order to succeed.
 We strongly believe that each child has the potential to attain the best possible grades with the correct guidance and assistance. Therefore, our approach involves thorough recognition of our student’s weaknesses to help to overcome them. We ensure that we create a motivating and supportive environment, in which students feel confident they will be able achieve to their best potential.


Our A-level environment

At Merit Tutors, we understand the crucial level of importance A-level exam results play when it comes to students attaining a place at a good university. We create an environment which equips students with the appropriate knowledge and exam skills so they can succeed in KS3 and progress onto higher education. We aim to challenge our students and ensure that they are confident and ready to achieve the highest grades in their exams. A-level exam content can be difficult to grasp; therefore, we prepare our students extensively using a variety of techniques and methods so they can reach their full potential.

Our Teaching Methods

  • The personalised resources in our centre are in line with the national curriculum and through this, we are able to make sure that each student’s weaknesses are targeted directly whilst also keeping them on track with the national curriculum structure.
  • Group Tutoring: Each of our classes have around 5/6 students, allowing students to benefit from peer-learning, whilst simultaneously allowing the teachers to focus on each student individually.
  • Our A-level students range from those in AS to those in A2; the lower level students can pick up useful learning tools in advance and be ahead in their classrooms at school; the A2 students can focus on significantly advancing their techniques and knowledge for their upcoming exams.

How Can You See The Results?

  • Regular tests are conducted using previous A-level papers and the first expected pass mark is 80%, after which the student can take the test again with an expected pass mark of 90% if they do not pass the first time.
  • Past papers are often used during lessons so that students are able to answer any questions with ease when exam time comes for real, and so that the structure of the answers that are accepted by the mark scheme are engrained within the students.
  • Online records are kept for each student so that we can see the progress of their analytic techniques.
  • Paper feedback is also provided to students which they use at home to further practice and improve upon what they have learnt.

What the Students Think

“I want to do chemistry at university and I’m really happy that we get to learn things ahead here at the tuition centre, because at school I know things before everyone else.”
“At the start when I chose Biology for A-levels, I thought it would be easy but it’s actually really hard and the tuition centre helps me get through exam questions easily without being discouraged.”
“I want to do Physics at university so going to the tuition centre means that I know that I’m going to get good marks and get into a good university like Durham or UCL.”
“I really enjoy English at the tuition centre because I feel like I’m learning something new every single lesson and I always go back to college and apply it.”


  • Maths Course

    Maths is a highly rigorous and technical subject which requires a high level of practice and understanding. We ensure we provide our students with a strong grasp of the entire syllabus and thoroughly examine their abilities in the subject. Our aim is to ensure each student is capable of answering papers with ease and has a key understanding of the correct methods and exam techniques.
    As with all our other subjects, our priority is to make sure students have the ability to succeed in the subject; therefore, we spent time communicating with them in order to identify weaknesses and strengths, and assist them to get the best grades.


  • Biology Course

    Biology requires a different type of approach and examination techniques, and at Merit Tutors we ensure that our students are fully aware of this and understand the appropriate approach. We engage in discussions with students about the subject and go through the syllabus extensively, making sure students are confident with all of the exam content.
    In our small group set-up, content can be exchanged with the students without having to spend hours on the same topic, resulting in the opportunity to really make the most of the time we have with the students and use it wisely to teach a broad scope of objectives.


  • Chemistry Course

    WChemistry is a subject that combines science with mathematics, two subjects that students often struggle with. At Merit Tutors, we ensure that students are able to reach a high level of attainment in both.  We cover all the topics in the syllabus thoroughly, ensuring our students have no weaknesses in any of the topic areas or necessary skills.
    We ensure that each student grasps the technical aspectsof the subject confidently. If a student does not understand something the first time, we make sure they are comfortable with asking questions and make sure that they understand the aspect fully before we move them on to the next topic.


  • English Course

    At Merit Tutors, we ensure students develop a highly critical and analytical approach to English learning. We aim to challenge them to think outside of the box in order to really engage with English language/literature papers. We go through the relevant material in depth to make sure that students are able to approach exams with a comprehensive and solid understanding. Our students are taught and encouragedto think analytically for themselves and to read around the subject thoroughly.


  • Physics Course

    Physics is often known as a combination of the sciences and maths which is what makes it not only one of the most interesting subjects but also one of the most difficult. Students who are applying for Medicine at university often take on Physics just to complete the application process and then find it difficult; we have teachers who have been through the same process and can help guide students to ensure they can complete their Physics exam to attain the highest marks possible. We make sure students cover all topics on the Physics syllabus ranging from Kinematics and Oscillations to Nuclear Physics.
    We ensure each student is able to apply the correct exam techniques and has the relevant technical skills to approach the physics paper with confidence and ease.