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On-site Tutoring

At Merit Tutors we offer parents the option to undertake lessons at one of our learning centres which are equipped with an abundance of high-quality resources and materials. The intellectual corner simulates classroom environments, enabling children to effectively transfer the knowledge and skills gained.

Why Book On-Site Tutoring Classes?

1. In-person interactions. On-site classes are ideal for helping children establish good relationships with their private tutor as well as other students, enabling them to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills.

2. More Insights, Better Learning. Tutors have the opportunity to gain a better insight into how well the student is learning. The tutor can learn more from the student’s body language and non-verbal cues, making learning more effective.

Our Process


Book your free assessment

Choose a day and time that suits your and your child. Come down to one of our centres to complete the free assessment and in turn help you determine the level at which your child is working.


Discuss the results and your preferences

Visit out centre to complete the student registration form, discuss your subject and lesson preferences based on your child’s results and share any other queries.


Get started at one of the Merit Tutors branches

You’re all good to go! You will receive a session timetable alongside learning resources which students are expected to bring in to their lessons.