Merit Tutors – Premium Tuition - ILFORD - REDBRIDGE

Merit Tutors, a private tuition centre run by qualified school teachers with a fundamental focus on improving the quality of education and working closely with a range of students. We strive to support our students that need an extra push with the National Curriculum by providing them with a tailored learning plan, helping them meet their full potential. We focus on your child’s unique learning needs and ensure that every child benefits and gets the most of every lesson. At Merit Tutors we have extensive professional experience in ensuring that your child is fully ready for their exams. Our tutors take the time to understand your child’s needs and adapt their teaching style which will benefit your child and enhance their academic development with the aid of our innovative resources and engaging teaching methods. The success of our teaching methods is clearly ascertained in our student’s remarkable result. In 2021, all our students scored between A* - B on their GCSE and A-Level exams, along with a high rate of 84% success rate in 11 Plus. We take pride in the calibre of tutors we employ, responsible to support your child in their learning journey. We understand how important your child’s exams are and what they require in order to succeed. We believe that each child has the potential to attain the best grade through the correct guidance, assistance and hard work. Hence, at Merit Tutors, teachers conduct regular tests that mimic school examinations, helping us to identify where your child needs help as well as assisting your child to build their confidence so that they can approach any question with ease and confidence.


Pricing and Fees

School Year Fees
Primary £ 7
Year 6 £ 8
Year 7 £ 8
Year 8 £ 8
Year 9 £ 10
Year 10 £ 10
Year 11 £ 10
Year 12 £ 15
Year 13 £ 15

Merit Tutors reserves the right to increase the fees at any time.